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mYXpression : Predictive AI

Personalized expertise in reducing the risks of clinical trials in patients with autoimmune diseases.

Patient recruitment is a major challenge that determines the success and quality of a clinical trial. However, even today, numerous clinical trials do not meet their recruitment targets and are abandoned, resulting in financial losses.

Strengthened by its many years of experience in the field of IVDMDs, mYXpression provides biotech companies with its expertise to ensure the success of their clinical studies in the field of autoimmune diseases.

Predictive enrichment is already operational for your clinical trials

mYXpression has developed a proprietary platform and a usage model to obtain crucial information and take large-scale measures. This platform optimizes clinical trials in terms of efficacy, patients’ response to your molecule, and linking the patient’s RNA sequencing to in silico studies based on empirical strategies

AI to make your clinical trial a success

mYXpression has developed a triage tool for patients which has the capacity to use several approaches and triage criteria to identify the diagnostic models specific to a given molecule. Our models are constantly adjusting to the input of new data (retrospective or observational).

By using proprietary machine learning techniques fed with petabytes of patient data, the mYXpression technology creates unprecedented profiling of patient subpopulations and produces predictions about their probability of responding to a given drug.

Clinical study
mYXpression’s expertise in predictive diagnostics
Risk assessment: analysis of whether or not there is a subpopulation that will respond to the biopharmaceutical.
Identification and support for patient responder recruitment (predictive enrichment).
Turnkey post-marketing solution: diagnostic companion test specific to the biopharmaceutical developed and/or integration of the biopharmaceutical in the RITI® test

mYXpression is a company that specializes in In-Vitro Diagnostics and provides all of the capacity needed to support the development of your molecule throughout the entire journey to the era of precision medicine. From the initial risk assessment through to the on-site recruitment logistics through the continuous triage of patients in routine clinical care (through a personalized companion diagnostic test or integration in our IVD tests.)

This journey involves (GO/NO GO stages) enabling you to remain in total control of the process. mYXpression is your partner of choice for precision medicine.

Understanding the need

Definition of the needs and the potential support provided by mYXpression.

Risk assessment

mYXpression will assess whether or not there is a population that is eligible and will respond to the biopharmaceutical under development. The goal is to ensure that there are a sufficient number of suitable participants from the target population to achieve a satisfactory statistical power. 

Patient recruitment

The target population exists and has been identified. mYXpression helps you to recruit these patients.

Development of a companion test

mYXpression develops a companion test specific to the biopharmaceutical in order to guarantee that it is effective when it is prescribed.

Is your biopharmaceutical intended to treat rheumatoid arthritis?

mYXpression will integrate your biopharmaceutical into RITI® RA, a test that helps with the prescription of biotherapies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

mode d'emploi

How are the patients
who are eligible for the clinical study identified?


A blood sample is taken from the patient.

Messenger RNA sequencing

Receipt of the patient’s blood sample by the genomic platform, which performs the messenger RNA sequencing.

Analyses and calculations

The patient’s transcriptomic signature is compared with the Therapeutic Efficacy Profile database in order to evaluate the patient’s eligibility for the study depending on the criteria set out for the study.

The report is edited

The personalized patient report is edited. This contains the precise biological information that shows whether or not they can be included in the study.

The predictive AI innovation comes
from the RITI® RA technology,
an innovation that is tried and tested

The RITI® RA test for rheumatoid arthritis enables a personalized report to be provided that is specific to the patient and shows an efficacy score for each biotherapy. This entirely novel approach provides a good deal of useful information to physicians and helps them to prescribe the best biotherapy to increase the patient’s chances of remission.

IVDMD with CE marking

A clinical trial is currently underway at 12 French research sites
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