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Dijon - France
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prescribing assistance platform

The history of mYXpression is linked to an encounter between the two founders, Jean-François Prugnot and Jean-François Robineau. Each of them was involved in the pharmaceutical industry: Jean-François Robineau in mathematical research and the development of companion tests in oncology, and Jean-François Prugnot in commercial management and marketing.

Having a mutual friend with rheumatoid arthritis, they experienced up close the way she suffered despite the next-generation medical treatments, biopharmaceuticals. Through his work, Jean-François Robineau was convinced that one of the responses to this suffering was linked to choice of good treatment, as a result of a deep biological analysis combined with an innovative mathematical approach.



Management team

Jean-François Prugnot
CEO and Co-founder
Jean-François Robineau
President and Co-founder

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People are at the heart of our considerations at mYXpression. Concerned about the quality of life of patients affected by a chronic disease, JEI is developing innovative technologies designed to optimize therapeutic care for patients with autoimmune diseases. Innovating and contributing to building the healthcare of tomorrow are the foundations of mYXpression’s mission.
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