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Optimize the care journey for your members with an autoimmune disease

Biotherapies are revolutionizing the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Comprised of molecules made from living organisms, biopharmaceuticals have the power to better target and treat diseases.
The arrival of these next-generation treatments has changed the way we view therapeutic care for patients with a chronic disease. Biotherapies are highly effective and have the power to push the disease into remission if they are properly prescribed. However, one problem remains: Of the dozens of biotherapies that have been created, how can you tell which one will be the most effective for your patient?

Offer RITI® RA to
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IVDMD with CE marking

A clinical trial is currently underway at 12 French research sites
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Availability is currently planned for 2025

Other diseases will be treated
by RITI® in the future

Rheumatoid arthritis

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Crohn's disease

Hemorrhagic rectocolitis


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