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RITI®, a test that helps with the prescription of biotherapies in patients with autoimmune diseases

RITI® is the first test that helps with prescribing suitable biotherapies according to the patients’ biology. The RITI® test provides an efficacy score for each biotherapy depending on the biological profile of the patient. Through RITI®, you have all of the scientific, biological, and pharmacological information about your patient. RITI® is an innovative tool for optimizing the therapeutic strategy to be followed.


The goal is remission

The RITI® test gives you access to a personalized report. This report contains precise biological information and generates an efficacy score for each biotherapy depending on your patient’s immune dysregulation.

Example of RITI® test results
how to use

How does the
RITI® innovation work?


A blood sample is taken from the patient.

Messenger RNA sequencing

Receipt of the patient’s blood sample by the genomic platform, which performs the messenger RNA sequencing.

Analyses and calculations

The patient’s messenger RNA signature is determined and then compared with the Therapeutic Efficacy Profile database. The mYXPression algorithm then calculates the Therapeutic Efficacy Score for each biotherapy.

The report is edited

A Therapeutic Efficacy Score is generated for each biotherapy. You can prescribe your patient the biotherapy that is most likely to achieve remission.

The diseases treated
by RITI®

Rheumatoid arthritis is the first disease targeted by the RITI® test
Availability is currently planned for 2025

Other diseases will be treated
by RITI® in the future

Rheumatoid arthritis

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Crohn's disease

Hemorrhagic rectocolitis


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