mYXpression receives CE mark clearance for its software Pear 2.0, a key milestone to launch RITI®, a test to assist rheumatologists in their prescription of biologics.

This regulatory approval is the achievement of a 2-year work by all mYXpression employees and partners. This precious sesame allows us to conceive the forthcoming commercialization of the RITI® test, notably within the European Union.

Based on the sequencing of the messenger RNA of a rheumatoid arthritis patient, RITI® establishes an efficacy score of each biologics based on the patient’s biological profile.

This test provides the rheumatologist with unprecedented insights about his patient, enabling the prescription of the most adapted biologics to achieve remission of the disease.

“This CE marking is a major milestone in our development, proving that our project becomes a reality. We hope to make our innovation available to physicians in the near future in order to improve the quality of life of patients,” said Jean-François Prugnot, President of the company.

RITI® is a precision medicine tool to optimize the therapeutic strategy in the field of autoimmune diseases: “The right treatment, for the right patient, at the right time”.

The challenges of the RITI® test are multiple:

  • Better targeted therapies
  • Significantly improved medical care and life quality for patients
  • Cost optimization all along the therapeutic management

“The clinical study will be the last step before the commercialization of our test. It will start in the second half of 2022 and will involve several hospitals in France,” said Jean-François Prugnot.

About mYXpression
mYXpression is a French start-up positioned in the field of healthcare innovation. The company has developed RITI®, a test to assist in the prescription of biotherapies for autoimmune diseases.
This RITI® test allows the delivery of a personalized report specific to the patient by indicating an efficacy score for each biologics. This brand new approach provides a lot of useful information to the physician by helping him/her to prescribe the most appropriate biologics according to the patient’s intimate biology.

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