Biodigital Solutions that help with the prescription and development of biopharmaceuticals in autoimmune diseases.

Innovative solutions to support the development of biopharmaceuticals and optimize their use.

Today, one third of people suffering from autoimmune diseases benefits from biopharmaceutical treatment. mYXpression offers innnovative solutions to support biotechnology companies in the development of these treatments and help healthcare professionals to prescribe them in more efficient way.

mYXpression is positioned at the forefront of a major shift in the prescription of drugs. Thanks to technology that combines artificial intelligence and multiomic analysis, it decrypts the biological complexity of diseases to predict recovery.

The solutions born
from mYXpression’s expertise

Predictive AI

Support and customized expertise to reduce the risks in clinical studies.


Test that helps with the prescription of biotherapies in patients with autoimmune diseases.

Your needs. Our solutions.

mYXpression deploys solutions that aim to show the full potential of what biopharmaceuticals offer.

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Our vision

Based on the principle of «disruptive» innovation, mYXpression uses cutting-edge technologies to understand and help treat each individual according to their unique needs. With a focus on people and technology, we are working to transform the health landscape, making precision medicine a daily reality for every patient, physician and biotechnology.

RITI® RA : An ongoing clinical trial

This aims to show the relevance of the RITI® RA, a tool that helps with the prescription of biotherapies in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.